R4iGOLD .CC Introduction
Supports roms Multimedia files,or Homebrew games of any size form Internet
Directly Drags and drops all files into then microSD(TF) card from Computer
Plugs and plays in SLOP-1 without any passcard and supports all DS versions.

 Q :what's the difference between r4igold and r4igold 3ds?
those two card's solution are totally different,so they use different firmware.

 Q: what should we do when you turn on the console and it's screen turn into blank?
 A: firstly,please check if you insert the TF card or r4igold 3ds card correctly.secondly,please format the TF card  first,then insert it into r4igold 3ds and try again.

 Q: can r4igold 3ds play the 3ds games?
 A:sorry that the r4igold 3ds still can't play the 3ds games,it can play the nds games on 3ds console.and now there  is no ds card can play the 3ds games.

 Q:How to upgrade the old version r4igold into newest v3.0.0?
 A: first please download the v1.4.1 upgrade patch from our website and upgrade the card into v1.4.1,after you  upgrade the card into v1.4.1 sucessfully,you can download the v3.0.0 upgrade patch and upgrade it into v3.0.0,  then download our newest v3.0.0 firmware,in this way you can play the old version r4igold on the newest 3ds  console.

 Q : How to update 3DS V3.0.0?
 A: All console nds/ndsl/ndsi/3ds under v3.0 can use the following way to upgrade the r4igold:
 1) To download the "Update_3DS3.0.0_GOLDCC" into the TF card root directory, then open the NDSI console,     press  "A" button to enter the "GAME" directory.
 2) Select “Update_3DS3.0.0_GOLDCC.nds”, press “A”to enter the upgrading procedure.
 3) Pree “START”to start upgrading.
 4) Upgrading Process....
 5) Upgrading completed, power off the ndsi conosle .Now r4igold had upgraded to 3.0 version successfully,
can  work with the 3ds 3.0.0-6 console .

 Q:what should we pay attention to when we upgrade the r4igold card?
 A: 1) please make sure the console's power capacity is over 90%.
 2) please don't turn off the conosle when you are upgrading.the card.please pay attention to those two tips, if not,  you shall burn the r4igold card very easily.

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